Mission Statement

We, The Finance Society serve to promote a better understanding of the finance field through the sponsorship of events featuring educators, business professionals and peers. The Finance Society is committed to being a resource for underclassmen by focusing on their scholastic and professional development in hopes of preparing our members for their futures following academia.

Our presentations and professional events help educate those interested in the areas of, but not limited to, investment banking, sales and trading, equity research, private wealth management, and capital markets.

We strive to encourage our members to explore alternative career possibilities with boutique firms, commercial banks and entrepreneurial start-ups and alternative career paths in financial consulting, management & operations, and regulation.

A few of our main objectives are to expose the realities, challenges, and lifestyles of each chosen field and to provide opportunities to meet business leaders actively involved in the financial field and professors with ample academic experience in finance.

Ultimately, The Finance Society is designed to impart the necessary resume-crafting, interviewing, and networking skills needed to succeed in internship and career acquisition.